• Anishaa Kanaka
  • Agatha Nina
  • Angelique Carmenita
  • Cellysta Izabella
  • Felicia Kasela
  • Vanina Lauwrel
  • Yosua Immanuel


happiness, k-pop, fans


Adolescence is one of the most important stages in human development. At this stage, teenagers begin to search for their identity and have a broad interest in exploring many things, including having an interest in idol figures. One of the idols that teenagers love today are K-Pop idols from South Korea. The existence of idol figures can influence teenagers' personal development and is even found to be a source of happiness for these teenagers. Therefore, this research aimed to describe the happiness of teenage K-Pop fans in Jabodetabek. This research uses a qualitative approach. A total of three participants participated in this research who were taken using a purposive sampling technique. Data collection was carried out using semi-structured interview techniques and the data collected was then analyzed thematically. The research results show that K-Pop fans experience various forms of happiness in their lives which include personal satisfaction (such as feeling excited when receiving messages delivered by idols, feeling happy when buying idol merchandise, etc.), experiencing engagement (such as in voting activities or streaming MVs , etc.), experiencing belongingness (such as feeling happy when meeting fellow fans, feeling connected to the lyrics in music, etc.), to experiencing self-development (such as having new habits or more positive behavior, etc.). This research indicate that being a K-Pop fan can facilitate teenagers experiencing happiness in the process of finding their identity, of course as long as it is done adequately.



2024-03-22 — Updated on 2024-03-22