Digital School in Indonesia: An Illustration of Harnessing Digital Technology in Facilitating Learning Environment


  • Muhammad Akbar


Across many regions and settings, digital technology is becoming a prominent element of education provision and practised. The ubiquity of smartphones, tablets, internet usage and other types of computers are popular daily devices in a large percentage of the population worldwide. Governments in almost all countries worldwide have now formulated policy agendas to encourage and enable the use of emerging technology in classrooms, schools, and universities. In particular, the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC) collaborated with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia to design a Digital School Program in the Indonesian educational landscape (SMK Kemdikbud, 2019). Digital school is an Indonesian national program to harness digital technologies in the educational landscape by giving facilities such as laptops, projectors and information and communication technology (ICT) devices to the teachers and students (MOEC, 2019). In particular, the school in the frontier, outermost, and disadvantaged areas will be prioritised to receive assistance and those facilities (SMK Kemdikbud, 2019). This means that the Indonesian government prepared a prodigious national budget to facilitate teaching and learning to be more inclusive and accessible by integrating educational technologies.



2023-10-04 — Updated on 2024-02-15