Sistem Informasi E-Presensi Mahasiswa Menggunakan Qr Code Program Studi Sistem Informasi Universitas Indo Global Mandiri


  • Ahmad Daniel Pratama Universitas Indo Global Mandiri
  • Nining Ariati Universitas Indo Global Mandiri
  • Hendra Di Kesuma Universitas Indo Global Mandiri



QR code, presence, student, research and development, information system


Technology in these days have grown so fast. Many tools have been designed to make people's lives easier, one of which is quick response codes (QR codes). Qr code is one of the raster codes that is made to help scanning tools to deliver and receive data in a fast way Qr codes are used to support the process of presence database management. The main component of this system is a webcam that acts as a scanner to read  QR codes that will be filled by primary key from the student database. To run this website system, it uses hypertext prepocessor (PHP) with framework codeigniter. The result from the test, application system that is done by administrator has succeed and can be run based on the first plan, that is to help the presence process effectively and efficiently.