Sentiment Analysis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) On Twitter Social Media Using Lexicon Based Method


  • Steven Adi Putra Universitas Katolik Musi Charitas
  • Andri Wijaya Universitas Katolik Musi Charitas



Sentiment Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Twitter, Lexicon-based, Vader Sentiment


The development of Artificial Intelligence has become a phenomenon that is widely known in the world. Artificial Intelligence has a role in enabling robots to carry out tasks alongside humans and even replace humans. Even though there are many benefits that can be obtained from the use of Artificial Intelligence, it will certainly raise public perception through Twitter social media. This research was conducted to analyze public sentiment towards Artificial intelligence which consists of positive, neutral and negative sentiment classes based on the results of the polarity class. In conducting sentiment analysis, a lexicon-based research method with the Vader sentiment library is used. Based on the results of sentiment analysis, the results showed that Artificial Intelligence had 64% with positive sentiment, 25% with neutral sentiment and 11% with negative sentiment. Apart from that, tweets with the keyword "Artificial Intelligence" contain many words such as "new", "use ”, “future”, “technology”. Therefore, it can be concluded that public opinion regarding Artificial Intelligence tends to be positive, considering Artificial Intelligence to be a new technology in the future.