Penerapan Pencarian Metode Sequential Dalam Sistem Informasi Persediaan Pada PO Irama Vision Pontianak


  • Thommy Willay



Information, Searching, Inventory, Sequential


At present, the development of information
technology in the world is very rapid. The use of information
technology is very helpful in completing human tasks. With
the existence of information technology, can improve work
efficiency and effectiveness to support success in achieving
company goals. In its development, almost all companies are
trying to make changes to the existing work systems. The
system of PO Irama Vision is still conventional as data must
be recorded or manual data search so it is can cause errors
that result in inaccurate reports received. An inventory
information system is designed and is expected to be able to
process inventory data and sales of goods better and can
improve work efficiency and business processes can run
more efficiently. Data search using the sequential method
means that search data is searched according to the initial
order to the end based on the search key entered by the user.
Searching is faster and more accurate when compared to old
systems. The other goal is, generally expected to be able to
improve company performance and also increase
satisfaction for buyers.