Model Sistem Informasi Pendampingan UMKM Berbasis Web


  • Antonius Wahyu Sudrajat



MSMEs, Information Systems, UML, Entrepreneurship


Efforts to develop MSMEs so that they can
compete in global competition are the government's
obligation. One form of development that can be done is
assisting MSMEs, but mentoring is not only done for MSMEs
that already exist or are running but must start from
prospective entrepreneurs making business ideas done. The
purpose of the Floating model of web-based business advisory
information systems is to provide the right candidate for
entrepreneurial assistance by mentors who have proven
experience and knowledge. To realize this methodology is
needed as a framework of reference in implementing
development. The steps taken are planning, system analysis,
system design and documentation. The Business Assistance
Information System Model can bridge potential entrepreneurs
and their counterparts to further discuss related ideas or
business ideas owned by prospective entrepreneurs so that
they can be implemented in real businesses according to the
right rules and knowledge without being limited by space and
time, namely by utilizing information technology.