Sistem Informasi Kelas Renang Berbasis Website Pada CV. Anugrah Tirta Cemerlang


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Sistem Informasi, Website, Kelas,Renang PIECES, UML


The development of technology requires all forms of
business to change its business model. Information systems in a
business are needed right now. Make the company try to provide the
best in terms of service by using the help of technology and
information systems. In its operational activities CV. Anugrah Tirta
Cemerlang currently only uses verbal and written classroom
selection service methods through the forms provided. This will
certainly make it difficult to see and choose the class schedule that is
available because they have to wait for the admin section to look for
and see the availability of classes. Based on the description the
author tries to use a Class-based Pool Class Information System on
CV. Anugrah Tirta Cemerlang to solve existing problems. To analyze
the problem the writer uses PIECES analysis, collecting data through
interviews, observations, and literacy studies. In the development of
information systems the author uses iteration software development.
Designing software using UML modeling. With the construction of
this information system CV. Anugrah Tirta Cemerlang can obtain
information on training schedules, student data, schedule changes,
and student admissions, and can assess trainer performance.