Productivity Measurement Using Work Sampling Method on Torque Flow Assembly Station of Heavy-Duty Dump Truck at XY Remanufacturing Company


  • Noni Oktiana Setiowati Institut Teknologi Kalimantan



work sampling, productivity, assembly, remanufacturing


Remanufacturing is a company engaged in rebuilding and repairing components of heavy equipment. One of the remanufactured components of heavy-duty dump truck is torque flow which is included in the power train category. The purpose of this study is to determine the standard time in the torque flow assembly process using work sampling measurement. From the result of this study, the standard time to complete one component of the torque flow is 25.07 hours, with a normal time of 17.17 hours, and a cycle time of 11.45 hours. The percentage of productive activities during the torque flow assembly process is 80.5% and the percentage of non-productive activities is 19.5%. The most productive activity carried out by the mechanics during the assembly process are assembling with 32.7% of total activity, while the highest non-productive activity is non-job description with 5.3% of total activity, followed by talking with 4.6% and waiting for the mechanics by 4.4%.