Implementasi E-Learning Berbasis Learning Management System Pada Program Studi Sistem Informasi UKMC


  • Sri Andayani
  • Niken Ayu Larasati Universitas Katolik Musi Charitas



E-Learning, LMS, Dokeos, learning, online


E-learning is learning that is arranged with the aim of using an electronic or computer system so that it can support the learning process. The use of e-learning as educational technology produces effective and efficient learning that is real and successful through LMS support. LMS is software that is used to create web- based online learning materials (e-learning) and manage learning activities and their results. The benefits of LMS felt in the use of LMS so far are the process of discipline and the increasing independence of students. By using LMS, the assessment becomes open and fair for every student, because the material resources and assignments can be accessed at any time and have their own rules. LMS has standard features, namely: (1) Uploading and sharing material; (2) Forum and Chat; (3) Quizzes and  Surveys; (4) Gathering and reviewing assignment and (5) Recording grades. This study aims to implement LMS-based e-learning in the UKMC Information System Study Program.  LMS  that  is  implemented  using  Dokeos.  The implementation of LMS Dokeos in the Information System Study Program  was  carried  out  in  the  Odd  and  Even  Semester  of  the

2018/2019  academic  year  with  courses  that  included  around  ten courses. All feature functionality on Dokeos has been used properly



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