Analisis Kualitas Layanan Sistem Informasi Dan Teknologi Informasi Pada Sekolah Tinggi XYZ Dengan Metode IPA


  • Lisa Amelia
  • Dorie Pandora Kesuma Universitas MDP



Service quality, information system, information technology, IPA


This study aimed to analyse the service quality of
information system and information technology of XYZ College with
Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) method which is used to
measure the level of user satisfaction with the services provided. The
survey method that is used is questionnaires that were distributed to
200 students at XYZ College and was analyzed by IPA (Importance
Performance Analysis) method to determine the level of customer
satisfaction that is the gap between importance and performance. The
results showed that of the 28 attributes were analyzed by IPA
grouped into quadrant I (5 attributes), quadrant II (12 attributes),
quadrant III (6 attributes) and quadrant IV (5 attributes).