Peer Review Process

There are following step of Jurnal Konsumen & Konsumsi : Jurnal Manajemen review process:

  1. The reviewer conducts a review or scan and checks on incoming manuscripts to be seen in conformity with the expertise of the field of knowledge. The reviewer has the right to refuse if it is not by his expertise and competence, and Section Editors may transfer to other appropriate reviewers.
  2. Manuscripts reviewed are double-blind review manuscripts (without identity of the author and reviewer).
  3. Reviewers review manuscripts based on the substance of the manuscript (quality article) within a maximum period of 4 weeks from the receipt of the manuscript. In the period, if the manuscript review has not been completed, the reviewer must confirm with the Editor in Chief or the editor-in-chief of the journal.
  4. During the manuscript review process, the reviewer provides an assessment of the manuscript through form/checklist review. If you find it difficult, the reviewer can provide the assessment manual of manuscripts on the checklist review form (Ms.Word format) submitted by the Section Editor
  5. Manuscripts reviewed are returned to the Section Editor.
  6. The reviewer gives a decision on the manuscript of the review results, including:
    - Accept Submission (manuscript Accepted).
    - Revision Required (the manuscript needs to be revised by the author and returned to review).
    - Reject Submission (manuscript rejected)