Penyelarasan Tujuan dan Sasaran Bisnis Teknologi Informasi Menggunakan Kerangka Kerja COBIT 4.1


  • Andri Wijaya



COBIT , Tata Kelola IT, IT Strategis


This study aims to determine the importance of aligning business goals and objectives within the scope of Information Technology (IT) and identify the COBIT 4.1 framework as an effective tool to achieve these goals. Businesses today rely heavily on IT for their operations, and therefore, proper alignment between business goals and IT objectives is crucial. This research will include an in-depth review of the concept of aligning business goals and objectives with IT, and analyze the components of COBIT 4.1 to understand the extent to which this framework can help organizations achieve such alignment. This research will also show concrete benefits that COBIT 4.1 provides such as IT performance measurement, more efficient IT governance and better risk management. The methodology of this research includes literature analysis, case studies of COBIT 4.1 implementation in various organizations, and interviews with industry experts. The results of this research are expected to provide practical guidance for organizations in carrying out the alignment of IT business goals and objectives, and show the positive contribution that COBIT 4.1 can make in the scope of IT governance. From the research, it has been produced and obtained the conclusion that PT XYZ only focuses on the delivery and support domain while in other domains it is still lacking and there are still 12 alignments between business and IT that need to be achieved by PT XYZ.