Analisis Faktor-Faktor Penerimaan Sistem Informasi Aliran Barang Dengan Menggunakan Model TAM (Technology Acceptance Model)


  • Andri Wijaya



Index Information System, technology acceptance model, TAM, IoT


In the current era of globalization, the development of
information technology has been very rapid. One of the uses of
information technology and information systems in the business
sector of distribution of medical devices is the application of
information systems and information technology that functions to
monitor and monitor the circulation of goods and the presence of
goods. The information system has been implemented in companies
that have been distributors of medical devices in the city of
Palembang within 3 (three) years. Therefore the authors will
continue from previous research to find factors that influence the
acceptance of technology and information systems using the TAM
(Technology Acceptance Model) model and are based that system
users tend to use the system if the system is easy to use and
beneficial to it. Therefore, after conducting this research, it is
found that the variables owned by the TAM model, namely the
variable perceived usefulness and perceived easy of use partially
(individually) affect the user in using the information system as
well as the two variables simultaneously influential as well. With
these results it can be concluded that the information flow system
used is sufficient to meet several principles of a good information
system that is easy to use and useful.