Sentiment Analysis of The Marvels Movie from Twitter Application Using Lexicon Based Method


  • Frando Febriant Universitas Katolik Musi Charitas
  • Hanna Christy Christy Universitas Katolik Musi Charitas
  • Andri Wijaya Universitas Katolik Musi Charitas



sentiment analysis, the marvels, lexicon based, twitter, movie


Twitter is an application where users can share all kinds of information, from trending things to hobbies, such as watching movies.Film is a moving picture equipped with color, sound, and a story. Until now, very many films that have appeared come from well-known companies, one of which is The Marvels movie. The number of Twitter users who expressed both positive and negative opinions regarding the movie was used as a source to conduct sentiment analysis in this study. The research used the Lexicon Based method. This research uses 1656 tweet data with the keyword "The Marvels". The results of the analysis include 67.2% positive sentiment, 12.6 neutral sentiment, and 20.2% negative sentiment which states that the movie The Marvels is well received and attracts public attention.