Penggunaan Model DeLone Dan McLean Dalam Mengukur Kesuksesan Aplikasi Go-Jek Di Palembang


  • Erwin erwin Universitas Katolik Musi Charitas
  • Andri Wijaya Universitas Katolik Musi Charitas



Go-Jek, DeLone & McLean, Multiple Linear Regression Analysis


Go-jek application is an online transportation
application by the children of the nation which has caused
many phenomena since it was first launched. Based on "8
Go-Jek Flashback Notes 2018", we can see the phenomenon
that occurs, this shows the important role of the Go-Jek
application, both in supporting the development of Go-Jek
and in facilitating the community to use Go-Jek services.
Therefore this research was conducted to scientifically
measure the success of Go-Jek applications by using the
Information System Success Model (ISSM) proposed by
DeLone and McLean. The sampling technique used in this
study was purposive sampling, with a total sample of 100
people through a questionnaire to get research data to be
analyzed using multiple linear regression analysis with the
results of 12 hypotheses formulated, 9 hypotheses proved to
be significant, this makes the application go can be
categorized as a good system. While the other 3 hypotheses
are insignificant, which means that go-jek application users
in Palembang community assume the quality of information
and the quality of the existing system in go-jek applications
do not affect the satisfaction they expect and the quality of
the system does not become their judgment in using go-jek